The Martina Metal Fabrication Shop is approximately 15,000 ft sq ft with and additional 5,000 sq ft of office space. The shop has a 2007 Iowa Precision Automated Duct Coil Line capable of fabricating 18 ga. thru 24 ga. duct in 5 ft sections.

All of the fittings come off the Lock Former Vulcan computerized cutting table and all custom metal fabricating is accomplished via a 150 ton press brake capable of bending 18 ga. steel. The metal is sheared on a 10 ft Wysong shear capable of shearing 10 ga. steel. We also have an array of Lock former Pittsburgh, snap lock and other roll forming machines.

We fabricate all of our double wall rectangular acoustic K-27 ductwork in house. Our welding stations are suitable for a variety of materials including black iron, steel, galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel.

We utilize two AutoCAD workstations that incorporate 3D CAD piping software with full plotting capacity for coordination. We use the program Estimation for bidding, which is driven by SMACNA labor research and enhanced with industry experience.